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How It Works:
                                                                              Presently , All companies are encashing on Mobile Marketing as it is easily accesible to every indivizual and At the same time,it is the easiest method of reaching out on all the customers.
                                                       Hence, bulk message software is used for this purpose.But, unfortunately majority of the mobiles are DND system activated.As a result , Bulk SMS software is of less prominence . This has increased the importance of Manual SMS sending than the usage of bulk SMS software to send the message.
  • Number of SMS/day   -    200.
  • Payment per SMS      -    Rs.2/SMS.                   
  • Payments                   -    Weekly/Monthly Payments.
  • Total Earnings            -    Rs.400/day.
For the first time in history,
Get paid to just forward the message.
No Networking or Marketing or Referral System.
Send SMS from internet like,, ...etc...etc
Send SMS 6.00 am before 6.00 pm to get payment on Seven days,else on the next day if message sent after 6.00pm
Just forward the company based SMS and earn huge income with Weekly payout


  • 1)      Is the company genuine?
Yes, It is very much genuine. We have associates all overindiaand there are no complaints or dis-satisfaction lodged against us.We have got more than 2000 associates and there shall be no doubt about the genuinity of the company.
  • 2)      What is the guarantee of payments after paying registration fee?
We have provided weekly payments to  everyone who have joined with our company..
  • 3)      What type of message do I have to send?
You will have to send company advertisement and marketing   related messages.The messages belong good number of various fields.
  • 4)      How do the companies get to know that 200 messages has been sent?
Company registers your mobile number and they have sophisticated system to track the count of SMS and pay. Also they have client contacts to verify the SMS is sent or not. Apart from this company has got the system to get feedback from their potential customers.
  • 5)      How can the company manage to pay such huge amount?
Reputed companies inIndiaare our clients, they provide us their list of potential customers ,We advertise their products through SMS sending and a part of their profit is being shared with us.
  • 6)      Why does company pay so much on messages?
Invariably all the mobiles are DND activated ,Hence it is not possible to reach out their customers through Bulk SMS softwares.Hence, the companies have adopted the method of manual SMS sending  for advertising their product.
  • 7)      How is payment done?
Payment is done on daily basis through the bank account details which is collected through the account activation form and it is updated in company database. Timely payments will be made.
  • 8)      What is the name of the company and where is it located?
Company name is “INFO SMS MARKETING SERVICES” and we are based  inCochinand our representative and co-coordinators are working from many parts ofIndia.
  • 9)      Why is the company bank account in individual name?
Registration process of the company is in process. Once we are done with the registration process, all the transaction will be dealt through the company account.
  • 10)   Can the SMS be sent through way2sms?
Yes, after registering your phone number with company name, you can send SMS through mobile or through internet.
  • 11)   How long does it take to activate the account?
Account will be activated with in 24 hours once you have sent us the scaned copy and activation form.
  • 12)   How does the company make profit out of this?
Through the clients. Even the members are given equal importance. It’s a WIN WIN situation where everyone earns  for their efforts.
  • 13)   Do we get SMS daily?
Yes you will have to send sms daily.

Join us call my no:9701336741

My Email ID :

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